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G&A Partners Releases Time Management Solutions For The Modern Workforce Whitepaper

HOUSTON – Novemeber 6, 2007 – G&A Partners, a fully integrated Houston-based human resource (HR) and administrative services company, publishes its latest white paper, “Time Management Solutions for the Modern Workforce,” November 6.

This white paper will inform business owners and professionals about the costs and challenges associated with an ineffective employee time-tracking system while highlighting the positive impacts of a more innovative and advanced time management solution.

This white paper is intended for HR professionals and business owners.

Let’s face it –time clocks, punch cards and paper schedules are outdated and irrelevant. These systems are more time consuming, costly and prone to human error. In addition, they allow employees to cheat and participate in “buddy punching.” Obsolete solutions can hinder your company’s ability to accurately report hours and overtime and increase your chances of litigation. Why would you spend more money on a solution that is less effective?

An advanced time management solution allows business owners to conduct more thorough labor management through job costing, scheduling, employee atten dance and payroll submission.

G&A Time Management is a fully automated, web-based time management system that offers real-time labor data online. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere, allowing employers and employees alike to view schedules in real time. It will also alleviate the pain of keeping track of employees regardless of their location. Employers can look online and see who is “on the job” when they can’t physically be seen.

“We’ve grown tremendously over the past year, so with 50 employees, payroll would definitely be a full-time job,” said Erika Barnhill, Office Administrator for Logan Industries International. “Now, payroll takes me about 45 minutes.”

Please visit the Resource Collection to learn about additional benefits of using G&A Time Mangement

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