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Want to Grow Your Startup? Then You Need a Full-Service HR Firm

How a full-service HR firm can help grow your startup.

How Outsourcing HR Can Help You Grow Your StartupRunning your own startup is the dream of many in today’s fast paced business world. There is freedom, there’s the opportunity for innovation… The only thing there isn’t — at least not always — is surplus cash.

Given that fact, it might be tempting to use a bare-bones HR company that only handles outsourcing payroll. But working with a full-service HR firm can mean much more growth for your fledgling business.

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Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the chief ways an experienced HR firm can help you:

Enhances your search

Your vision is what founded your startup, what secured funds and why you were able to attract your first few clients. But unless you plan on catering to only a few clients, your business will need to grow.

HR for Startups

Your employees are your best advocates. They are the ones making sure the work is being done with integrity and skill. To ensure that your business is being represented in the best light, you will need to be very careful when choosing your employees.

HR consultants and outsourcing firms are adept at identifying potential candidates for your business, making sure you get the very best in talent. After all, 75% of HR professionals use applicant tracking and recruiting software to improve their search, resources you might not be able to afford as a startup.

Executive Guide To HR Outsourcing

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Improves risk management

Nothing can ruin your business faster than a lawsuit that results from an accident or incident involving an employee. Even if you have only one employee, there is the chance that an accident might occur if you are not keeping up with best practices. That is why it is so important to work with HR consultants who have the experience to understand risk management and workplace safety to help identify, analyze, and correct these issues before something goes wrong.

Grows with you

We’ve talked a little about the difficulty involved with hiring above, but let’s unpack it a little more here. Every time you hire someone, you spend hours posting on job sites, reviewing applications, interviewing candidates. Once they are hired, then you have to slow your productivity to train them. (Talk about a slow hiring process.)

Now imagine that your business started succeeding suddenly. If you only had the HR infrastructure in place to hire one person at a time, you could easily become overwhelmed in a hiring crunch. That means you would either need to neglect other essential parts of your business, or you would need to cut corners while hiring; either option could result in disaster for your business.

With HR consultants, you have more flexibility, shrinking or growing the services you receive to meet your needs at any given time. That means you can be secure in the knowledge your business is protected, no matter what the market might throw at you.

Running a startup can be exciting, but there is no doubt that it can be overwhelming.

Working with a full-service HR firms for human resources support ensures your business is better protected and your time is better spent.

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