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Lawsuits Filed Against McDonalds Make For An Unlucky St. Patrick’s Day


What do you get when you don’t pay your employees overtime, cheat them out of hours on their timecard and have them work off the clock?

You get seven class-action lawsuits.

Popular fast-food chain McDonalds is facing lawsuits in California, New York and Michigan for failure to correctly pay workers’ earnings.

A union supported campaign has teamed with lawyers of the employees and discovered several instances of wage theft, causing them to file lawsuits on Wednesday.

Allegations stated that some restaurants were not paying for actual hours worked because they would not let employee’s clock-in until customers walked through the door, even though workers had been at the restaurant for several hours prior.

Others say they did not receive timely breaks and weren’t reimbursed for the cost of mandatory uniforms or their cleaning expenses, claiming that after purchasing uniforms and paying cleaning bills their take home wages were below the nations’ minimum wage, a violation of federal law.

McDonalds recently issued a statement concerning the wage dispute, stating they are investigating the claims.

“McDonald’s and our independent franchisees are committed to undertaking a comprehensive investigation of the allegations and will take any necessary actions as they apply to our respective organizations.”

Fast-food restaurants are no strangers to lawsuits concerning employee earnings, however, organizations like, Low Pay Is Not OK, are teaming up with workers and lawyers to generate public awareness around these types of labor law violations in the fast- food industry. Lawsuits, like the seven McDonalds is facing, have helped create traction around their movement to bring fast-food employees hourly wage to $15 an hour and help the more than fifty percent of workers currently on public assistance programs.

The lawsuits are seeking class-action status from the courts, and if they succeed, the door could be open for tens of thousands of workers to file suit against McDonalds and specific franchise holders, creating the possibility of a very costly settlement if found guilty.

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