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Post-Pandemic Recruiting

How to adapt to the deeper applicant pool

As Americans work to #FlattenTheCurve, we can’t help but wonder what will change once all the quarantines and orders to shelter in place have been lifted? Eleesha Martin, Recruiting Manager for G&A Partners, recently shared her insight with Forbes in the article “Recruiters Share 9 Mistakes Job Seekers Are Making Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic.”

It’s an employers’ market, Martin says, with millions of unemployed workers desperate for income. But employers will still have to adjust their hiring practices to ensure they find the best and brightest employees to add to their rosters.

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What can employers do to recruit the best talent with such a large talent pool available?

Employers will have to find a way to quickly and easily identify top talent when they are ready to resume business as usual. Martin recommends using fair hiring practices when conducting interviews with viable candidates, eliminating biases, and making sure that the candidate selected is a good fit based on their skillset and cultural fit. The mindset for recruiting should still be the same now as it always has been—you’re just choosing from a larger pool of candidates.  

What should recent graduates without a job offer do to stand out right now?   

Recent grads without work experience should continue to aggressively look for jobs, Martin says. They should focus their search on internships or entry-level positions. Some companies that had to layoff many of their workers might be more open to hiring recent grads at this time because they don’t demand as high a salary as more experienced workers.  

If someone was furloughed, can they still look for work? 

Furloughed employees (those who receive unpaid time off from work) are expected to return to work once the business is able to resume as normal, but in most cases they are not required to return. These employees can use this time to determine whether they are happy with their jobs or whether they would prefer to find another opportunity.

If they like their current company, they can wait out the furlough or apply for contract, gig, or temporary work to tide them over until their job resumes. During COVID-19 several grocery stores and essential businesses are hiring. Those who have been doing their jobs for 10 or more years may be more inclined to stick out the furlough in order to keep their benefits and retirement plans intact.

How can employers compete?

Furloughs can last up to a year, so it’s important for employees to ask their employers for a time frame indicating when the furlough will end. If the employees do need to take a job in the meantime, employers recruiting talent can entice them with stable employment, competitive pay, and comparable benefits to what they previously enjoyed. 

Do what works best for your company  

Finding the ideal candidate can be difficult. Outplacement services and assessments can help you find the right fit. G&A Partners combines advanced cloud-based technology with experienced recruitment specialists to deliver project-based and continuous recruitment services for companies of all sizes and across multiple industries. 

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