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What Is Your Slow Hiring Process Costing Your Business?

Speed up your hiring process with an applicant tracking system.

As with most process conundrums, the answer is technology. When it comes to recruiting, the use of technology is nothing new – online job postings are now considered a must, candidates can easily search for jobs on Twitter, etc. But candidate sourcing isn’t the only aspect of recruiting that can be improved using technology.

Applicant tracking systems (ATSs) are online platforms that simplify and streamline the entire recruitment process – from sourcing to selection – by allowing recruiters and hiring managers to seamlessly to direct every stage of the process all from one electronic system, eliminating the never-ending paper chase of traditional recruiting.

What features does an applicant tracking system include?
Every ATS is different, but below are a few of the features that are common to many platforms:

  • A searchable resume database that allows users to both conduct a broad search of all candidates in your area, or narrow down their candidate pool by factors like experience, education, availability and more;
  • Automated workflows to easily move applicants through the hiring process;
  • The ability to communicate with applicants securely directly through the system, including email and video conferencing;
  • Real-time interview scheduling with calendar integration; and
  • In-depth reporting tools that allow organizations to optimize recruiting efforts.

Keep your hiring process moving forward with G&A Recruit.

G&A Partners’ applicant tracking system, G&A Recruit, completely transforms how employers find and connect with top talent. By replacing manual process with automated and easy-to-use tools, this ATS significantly shortens an organization’s time to fill and time to hire.

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Learn more about how G&A Recruit can help your organization source, recruit and hire the best candidates quickly and efficiently.

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