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Strategies to Strengthen Your HR Infrastructure: Week 2


Continuing Blog Series from G&A Partners: 5 Strategies to Strengthen your HR infrastructure.

In this five week series, we are analyzing the different ways in which you can strengthen the human resources organization of your organization. Each week, this blog is discussing one strategy in-depth. Previous posts can be found HERE.


Strategy #2: Initiate Professional Development and Performance Management

 race car

When you’re building a high-performance company, you need to know how to drive your talent to perform.


If you’re building a race car, a variety of design components could impact the car’s performance, but how the driver manages the car on the track will ultimately dictate whether the car reaches its full potential. Building a high-performance company is not so different. Hiring top-notch talent is key to ensuring that you have the components necessary to perform at a high level, but business owners must also be able to manage that talent effectively if they hope to drive performance. A comprehensive suite of talent management services, including professional development and performance management, can help you direct and motivate your employees and ensure that they are engaged and committed contributors to your company.

Orientation Programs – The first days of a new job can be difficult for you and your new hire. An effective orientation program enables new hires to get up-to-speed quickly on your company’s processes and procedures so they can be productive from day one.

Professional Development – Opportunities for professional development are crucial to employee satisfaction. Assess your employees’ career development goals and provide access to proven training programs.

Performance Management – Effectively managing performance can ensure that your employees receive the direction and feedback they need to contribute successfully to your organization. A PEO can work with you to build a performance management process that incorporates established evaluation methods with customized procedures specially designed to fit your company and its unique culture.

Succession Planning & Promotion – Planning your next move is not only good for your business – it can also help to motivate your employees when there is a clear career path laid out for them. Think through your next moves to ensure your company and your employees stay on course.

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