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Strategies to Strengthen Your HR Infrastructure: Week 3

Continuing Blog Series from G&A Partners: 5 Strategies to Strengthen your HR infrastructure.

In this five week series, we are analyzing the different ways in which you can strengthen the human resources organization of your organization. Each week, this blog is discussing one strategy in-depth. Previous posts can be found HERE.

Strategy #3: Implement HR Policies & Procedures 

Go on and ignore HR policies and procedures, but how long can you ignore the cost of not having them?

It’s easy to downplay the importance of having proper HR policies and procedures in place for your business, but how long can you realistically ignore the cost of not having them? Not only are certain written policies required by law, but by setting policies and establishing procedures, you’re also providing guidelines for your employees that can help to ensure they follow proven processes, take necessary safety measures, and adhere to certain ethical and quality standards.



Establishing proper HR procedures, and creating the following written manuals and policies around them, can be extremely beneficial to your business:

• Employee & Job Manuals

• Training & Safety Manuals

• Ethics & Values Statements

• Disciplinary Procedures

• Termination Processes

Without such guidelines in place, misdirection and mistakes can lead to expensive errors, employee injuries, or perhaps even expensive lawsuits and litigation. If you need some help, HR service providers are available to work with you to develop policies and tailor procedures that fit your company and can help you avoid costly missteps.

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