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Strategies to Strengthen Your HR Infrastructure: Week 4

Continuing Blog Series from G&A Partners: 5 Strategies to Strengthen your HR infrastructure.

In this five week series, we are analyzing the different ways in which you can strengthen the human resources organization of your company. Each week, this blog is discussing one strategy in-depth. Previous posts can be found HERE.

Strategy #4: Understand Labor Law & Compliance 


When the alphabet soup of labor laws becomes overwhelming, just remember three letters: PEO.

Just deciphering federal labor laws can be difficult – COBRA, HIPAA, FLSA,ADA, FMLA – so we understand how trying to comply with these and other laws can become downright overwhelming. If you’re swimming in the alphabet soup of federal statutes and you feel like you’re in over your head, consider partnering with a PEO.

A PEO’s or HR outsourcers’ experienced human resource professionals understand the nuances of federal and state labor laws, so they can help your company decode them and expertly execute procedural tasks surrounding government compliance. By proactively managing your labor law and compliance, you can rest assured that your employees are afforded the protection of federal laws, and that you are protected from the risk of non-compliance.

PEO programs can help companies:

If you would like additional information that answers the question, “Why a PEO?”, it can be found at

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