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The 13 Strangest Reasons For Quitting

People quit jobs all the time. Some quit because they are moving, going back to school, changing careers, starting a family, taking care of a sick loved one, and for a whole host of other reasons. But the reasons listed below are definitely not ones you hear about every day. Take a peek at 13 of the strangest reasons people gave (really!) for quitting their jobs.


  • to join the circus
  • to become an apple farmer
  • to climb Mount Everest
  • to play the trombone more
  • because he was making too much money and didn’t feel like he was worth it
  • because she didn’t want to work hard
  • because work was getting in the way of having fun
  • because he just couldn’t get up in the morning
  • because the colors of the office walls bugged him
  • to take part in a reality show
  • for no reason — an employee walked out of the office one day, without a word, and the company was never able to get in touch with him
  • to live off of her trust fund than work for a living, and
  • just because he liked to switch jobs every six months.
What is the strangest reason you have ever heard someone use to quit their job? Leave your comment below.
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