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Virginia Cab Company Gets a $10 Million Employment Screening Lesson

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Imagine being an employer looking at prospective employees. Would you hire a person with the following criminal record?


  • Failure to obey a traffic signal, 2007
  • Speeding, 2009
  • Failure to pay attention, 2012
  • Failure to obey a highway sign, 2012
  • Tampering with a vehicle, 2011
  • Speeding, 2007
  • Failure to wear seat belt, 2007
  • Failure to pay full time attention, 2010
  • Speeding, 2011
  • Failure to obey a traffic signal, 2013
  • Violation of good behavior on a misdemeanor offense
  • Illegal sale of unapproved equipment
  • Misdemeanor assault, 2011


In Alexandria, Virginia, Officer Peter Laboy stopped taxi cab driver Kashif Bashir for showing aberrant behavior, and the driver took out a gun and shot the officer in the head. Unfortunately, a police officer had to deal with the consequences of the cab company’s decision to hire a driver with a worse than normal criminal rap sheet. The cab company’s decision not to conduct an employee background check has resulted in them being sued for negligent hiring by Officer Laboy for $10 million dollars.

At first glance, these all appear to be minor offenses when taken individually. A background check may or may not have prevented this incident. These offenses probably cause concern from someone employing a driver, but maybe they wouldn’t mean much to an office worker.

All in all, it’s the body of work that counts. A minor offense or two won’t deter someone from getting a job, but a laundry list of offenses committed over a long period of time should.


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