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What’s Trending in HR?

The following is a short summary of this Houston Business Journal article from John W. Allen.

Here’s what HR experts are talking about in 2012:

• How to cope with an HR crisis. Case in point: the scandal at PennState. HR must act quickly to address situations where an employee’s misconduct threatens the reputation of the company. There must be a policy which spells out steps to be taken when misconduct is suspected. This will protect management if they are forced to suspend an employee who is under investigation.

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• Social media continues to make employers nervous. Companies do not want to be embarrassed by the actions of their employees online. Social media also offers employees a very public forum to malign their company, even if only by accident. So what is a company to do? Well, the best defense may be a good offense. Companies should have social media policies in place and establish a “Code of Conduct” for employees’ personal social networking in the workplace.

• A Record number of immigration investigations are hitting business owners. The federal government is cracking down hard on the hiring of illegal immigrants. But now, the government is focusing on punishing companies that knowingly hire illegal immigrants too. Please see this previous post for an example.

• Employee Engagement: Employees want to work for companies that will help them succeed in their careers, stay healthy, balance their lives and contribute to the community.

HR professionals should focus on initiatives that will contribute to employee engagement, because engaged employees are more likely to invest themselves in the company.

• Wage and hour violations are one of the most common areas of noncompliance for companies. Lawsuits over improper classification of employees as “exempt” or “nonexempt” and failure to pay overtime now account for 84 percent of all employment class actions filed. To avoid a lawsuit, companies conduct regular audits and educate employees on the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees.

To read the entire article from the Houston Business Journal, please go here.

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