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Developing The Next Generation Of Leaders

How can HR help employers develop the next generation of leaders?

Utah Business Magazine recently held a human resources roundtable event to discuss developing the next generation of leaders within an organization. Aaron Call, G&A Partners’ vice president of sales and operations in the western United States, weighed in on the topic, along with other HR and business experts from across the community.

“It’s really important to understand that the generation that’s coming, those who will be our next leaders, are not very similar to the generation that currently leads,” Call said.

Call went on to say that up-and-coming leaders “don’t like the traditional performance management process,” and aren’t looking for the “traditional career path” that was so important to previous generations. Instead, these new leaders want to be understood, and to know that their accomplishments and goals are kept in mind when leadership is making decisions on who to promote.

“These people want to be part of the process, which is a little bit different from how things have traditionally gone.”

As a professional employer organization (PEO), G&A Partners provides its clients with performance and human capital management solutions that help them optimize their workforces.

Call says he offers this advice to clients who are looking to develop succession plans: “You need to best understand your people and their goals and their development plans before you can even begin to put these things in motion. Don’t just assume. Be very deliberate in understanding what it is they want to accomplish, not just what you want to accomplish.”

To read more about the role human resources plays in developing the next generation of business leaders, including real-world examples from other business executives on the panel, click here to read the full recap of the HR Roundtable in Utah Business Magazine.

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