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“Twas the Day before Christmas”

A poetic take on working through the holidays from one of our blog contributors…

Merry Christmas


Twas the day before Christmas and all through the office,

No workers were stirring, not even the bosses.

The parties and potlucks were long since behind us.

A few cookies and a fruitcake were left to remind us.

So I sat at my desk wondering how it happened to be,

That I should be one of the unlucky three?

Jenn, Marcus and I still had to be here,

Scheduled to work straight through to the New Year.

Some colleagues have children or families to cook for,

Others have seniority of ten years or more.

Marcus and I are new on the job, and Jenn doesn’t celebrate Christmas,

So it seemed that our families would just have to miss us.

After all, what was I to do when asked if I’d work?

The last thing I wanted was to come across like a jerk.

Jenn was surfing the web and there was a game on my laptop,

The phone wasn’t ringing, so I saw no reason to stop.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear on my screen,

But an email from the boss – what could this mean?

The note said he’d reconsidered the company’s plan for the holiday,

And since it was so quiet it was senseless to stay.

He told us to take off the next day too,

As he realized there’d still be very little to do.

I’m delighted my boss is such a generous man

Who was willing to rethink the company’s holiday plan.

So when determining your holiday scheduling needs, just consider the reason

you should keep your employees from enjoying the season.

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