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You Love Your Job, You Love it Not

You Love Your Job…You Love it Not


How can you tell if you are happy at work? What symptoms could there be that would signal a problem? Sometimes it’s easy to miss those signs, which is why we have compiled two lists for you: Ten Signs that you are Happy in Your Job, and Ten Signs that You are Unhappy in Your Job.



Ten Signs that you are Happy in Your Job

1. You have friends at work

You work with people you like and respect.


2. You enjoy helping your colleagues

You’re invested in their success.


3. You’re shocked that it’s already 4:00 in the afternoon

You never “watch the clock” because you are invested in your work.


4. You hate it when you’re sick because people are counting on you! 

You don’t want to let your teammates down.


5. Weekends are just a way to recharge for Monday

You never have “a case of the Mondays” and don’t dread coming to work.


6. You look for ways to share credit with others 

You don’t brag; you want everyone to enjoy your success.


7. “Going the extra mile” is just the way you work

You don’t do barely enough- more is more in your book.


8. Typical “annoyances” at work just don’t bother you all that much

Petty gossip and complaints don’t bother you much.


9. You find yourself looking for solutions instead of griping about problems with your colleagues.

You are not the office “complainer”.


10. You know what you do matters and makes a difference to the bigger picture

You have your focus on the big picture.

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Ten Signs that You are Unhappy in Your Job

1. You procrastinate

You want to get work done, but often leave it until the last minute. As a result, you never give it your best effort.


2. You spend Sunday night worrying about Monday morning

You have trouble going to sleep or feel depressed on Sunday evenings. Unhappiness from work can bleed over into your free time. If you’ve had a bad day at work, it’s hard to go home and have a great evening. If your week was awful, it’s hard to have a relaxing, carefree weekend.


3. You’re really competitive about salary and titles

You don’t like the job itself, so you focus too much on salary and perks. Knowing that someone in a similar position is paid more than you, or is promoted when you’re not, really bugs you.


4. You don’t feel like helping co-workers

Your colleagues may be struggling. But you don’t really feel like lending a hand. Why should you? Psychological studies have shown, that when we’re in a bad mood, we’re much less likely to help others.


5. Work days feel looooong

You find yourself watching the clock and calculating the number of hours until you can go home. Ironically, this makes the day feel even longer.


6. You have no friends at work

Gallup has found in their studies of workplace engagement that one of the strongest factors that predict happiness at work is having at least one close friend at work.


7. You don’t care about anyone but yourself

When you’re unhappy, you care mostly about yourself and not so much about the workplace.


8. Small things bug you

When you’re unhappy you have much thinner skin and a shorter fuse. It takes a lot less to annoy you.


9. You’re suspicious of other people’s motives

Studies show that we’re also more suspicious of others when we’re unhappy.


10. Physical symptoms

Studies show that when you’re unhappy at work you’re more prone to experience physical stress symptoms such as insomnia, headaches, low energy or muscle tension.

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Which list did you identify with most? Are there areas where you need to make a change?  Leave your comments below!





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